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#she’s so CUTE you don’t understand #i couldn’t fit it in here but when scott brings her dinner and she’s like haha no you’re still not getting the car #but i’m taking the food ty i love u bye :)

"It’ll happen again, and it’ll be just as amazing and as extraordinary as the first time, and maybe just as painful. But it’ll happen again, I promise.”


Photographer: Aili Jian
Designer: Lacey Bannister (Straight-Laced Boutique)
Hair: Jeru Weaver
Makeup: Nikki Feng
Model: Michelle Grey


Animals with their babies


Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen
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my sleep schedule says “party animal” but my lifestyle says “reclusive maniac”

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


Batman for the Silver Screen Society.

You can see a few process images on my instagram.



sometimes i wonder how these pop culture stereotypes of jim kirk got started. (womanizer, bad to his crew, etc…) because they’re so way off base it makes no sense. anyone who has actually watched tos would know that so how did it start. 

I can’t remember who talked about it, if it was William Shatner or one of the original writers but they explained why Captain Kirk was seen kissing women every other episode. It was so that the network jerks would be too focused on the kissing and skin exposure part rather than the nazi costumes or stuff that was meant to address social issues.

Regardless of the context, Roddenberry made sure the network saw Kirk smooching often so that they wouldn’t be too focused on controversial stuff as much.

I think those traps set to keep jerks from trying to wrap even more yellow tape around the show ended up fooling others as well. A lot of people don’t see Kirk using his attractiveness to swoon his way out of trouble to rescue his crew or the few times he genuinely did fall in love and made out with a woman.

People saw Kirk making out with more than two women so automatically that got exaggerated and made to be some big “OMG he’s a womanizer!” bullshit.

Think about it, JJ Abrams and his “writers” even fell for it. They didn’t see Kirk’s motives, they only saw his lips touch more than one other woman’s so they thought “oh he loves the ladies I get it!”

The creators of a 2013 film fell for traps that were originally set to keep 60s network assholes from taking away the show’s ability to address social issues and efforts to have representation. I think that says a lot.


Dom!Cas is all I see here

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My secretsanta gift for anobviousaside done for deancasweek.

I’m so, so sorry it’s almost two months late. I have no idea why it hasn’t got posted on deancasweek tumblr. I tried to contact them but got no answer so I guess it’s ok I post it here (I hope). 

Sorry it’s bit rushed. I tried to meet deadline (and I did and and as you can see it was utterly pointless). I’m under great impression of your style. It’s flawless in that amazingly free way I’ll probably be never able to obtain. Though I’ll try. Here is one of those try outs. It’s still very controlled but I learned great many things nonetheless for which I’m grateful. Keep up your fantastic, inspiring artwork!

"They don’t know what it’s like, the rage, it overtakes you. The fury, you try to let it go, I prayed for it, but it consumes you. It’s all there is, there’s no peace, it’s just noise, like static. Constant and loud. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t look at other people’s children. You feel like your insides are on fire. You stop living."


its ok if you didnt always know you were trans 

its ok if you really felt like your designated gender. its ok if you really were a boy or girl at some point. its ok if you really would rather view your transness as changing from one thing to another (instead of a process of revealing what was already there). its ok if you didnt know that you were trans when you were a kid. its ok if youre only just starting to think about gender stuff now. its ok if you approached transness deliberately, experimentally, as a conscious choice. its ok to approach your gender as mutable 

it doesnt mean your transness is less valid or like the gender you are now is less “real” just because its not something youve always been perfectly aware of. youre great and powerful and whatever you want for yourself in your future right now is important and worthy no matter how long youve wanted it 




reading or having read everything.

Etymology: from Latin omnis (all) + legere (to read).

[David Wyatt]