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ONE TIME WONDER: Six civilians ➝ Cassie Robinson (3/6)


Okay but if 8x17 was endgame and we saw Jensen literally take out the I Love You doesn't that mean if next season when the series is ending he can do that again to any other end game text the writers have planned? Am I really the only one worried about this because I feel everyone else is just treating this like a, what will be will be, you have to trust in the writers, but it just seems like jensen has more power and say than the writers, as unconventional as that might be.


I don’t think you’re the only one worried about it, and I can see why it’s worrisome, but here’s why I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

The only things we’ve ever heard Jensen or Jared say they’ve changed are lines they felt weren’t in character, and I don’t beleive that either of the boys has that much power when it comes to plot points and the overall story arc. Jared has said, for instance, that he didn’t agree with the writers on Sam not looking for Dean after season 7 and that he thought the Amelia storyline was weak.  As outspoken as Jared is, I have a hard time believing he never mentioned that to TPTB.  So while TPTB are willing to let them change things that have to do with their characters, they don’t appear to be willing to let them dictate the plot.

As for Jensen, he knows Dean better than anybody, and he knows that “love” is a word Dean just does not use in that context. He took out the “I love you” because he thought, quite rightly, that Dean wouldn’t come right out and use those particular words.  

Dean’s only said them once that we’ve heard—when he says them to his memory of Mary in “Dark Side of the Moon.” And it’s clear from Sam’s, “What happens next?” that it’s not the adult Dean speaking them, it’s four-year-old Dean.  Those are just not words he’s comfortable with as an adult, and he even tells Gadreel this in “Devil May Care”—“I’m not with the whole love and… love,” he says when Gadreel tells him that what he did, he did out of love.  

So the line got changed to, “I need you.”  

To Dean, saying, “I need you,” is the same thing as saying, “I love you,” because to Dean, they are the same thing.  John only loved him because he needed Dean to look after Sammy, Sam loved him because he needed Dean to take care of him.

(I have to wonder, really, if, deep down, Dean truly believes Sam loves him now that he doesn’t need Dean’s help, if that’s not why he keeps telling Sam, “We’re family,” because families are supposed to love each other and if they’re family, Sam has to love him.  He hopes Sam loves him, but I don’t think he’s really sure about it.  I also think Dean makes a distinction between how he feels love and how others do, and because his way is different in that it’s unconditional, it can’t actually be love. *whimper*)

Dean doesn’t tell people he needs them unless he does love them, and even so, I can’t recall him ever saying, “I need you,” to anyone else without a “to [do something]” behind it.  He tells Sam, “I can’t do this without you,” in the pilot and in “Sacrifice,” and he says the same words to Bobby in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.” Those words convey the same general information as, “I need you,” but it’s not exactly the same.

"I can’t do this without you," implies that you need somebody’s assistance in some way; it puts conditions on the need and implies that there are circumstances where you might not need that assistance.  "I need you," though, that’s comprehensive.  It’s not your assistance that’s necessary, it’s you yourself.

So Jensen may have changed the wording of the line, but he didn’t change its meaning.  He wasn’t trying to deny that Dean loves Cas*, he just expressed that in a more Dean-like way.  

The feeling behind the “I love you” came through in what Jensen did say (which was not actually in the script, BTW), because though Dean has said, “We need you,” (we meaning Dean and Sam) to both Cas and Kevin and clarifies that they are needed because they’re family, only to Cas does Dean say, “I need you.” (If I’ve forgotten him saying that to someone else, please let me know.)  And he’s said this to Cas three times. (What I tell you three times is true.)

Jensen’s been doing this job since he was eighteen, and if he were one to play the diva about what he would and would not do, we’d have heard about it by now.  What we have heard is that even when he’s adamantly opposed to what the script calls for, he can be convinced to play what’s written—Nicki Aycox reported at a convention that she and Kim Manners had to persuade him that Dean would actually “hit a girl.”  

Nothing about Jensen’s performance makes me think that he’s unhappy with a Dean/Cas romance storyline.  It was Jensen’s idea, remember, to pick up Cas’ trenchcoat and fold it like a widow’s flag, and he and Misha came up with the hand on the face healing touch in “Goodbye Stranger,” neither of which were scripted and both of which played as incredibly romantic.  And Jensen worked on a soap opera for several years, so he’s got a pretty good idea of what “romantic” looks like.

All these things tell me that Jensen is not opposed to letting the audience know that Dean loves Cas, and that he’s not trying to fight what the writers are doing.  He just wants it to happen in a way that he feels is true to the character.

I’m not gonna tell you not to worry, because you feel how you feel. But I hope this helped some, Nonny!


* Even though what kind of love Dean feels for Cas remains unspecified, it is very plain that what Dean feels is some kind of love.

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Fan fiction reviews



Imagine you have a coworker who likes to bake. Every week, they bring in a batch of delicious, homemade cookies and leave them in the break room. Next to the plate of cookies is a sign, “If you like my cookies, could you please just leave me a note and tell me what you like about them? The more feedback you leave about what you like, the more incentive I have to bake.” A hundred coworkers walk by and take a cookie. One person leaves a note. “Great cookies! Bake some more soon!”

The next week, once again there are cookies in the break room with the same sign. Once again a hundred people take a cookie and only one person leaves a note. “Nice! More soon!”

Week Three- Once again, a hundred people take a cookie. No one leaves a note.

Week Four- One hundred people take a cookie. No note.

Week Five- There are no cookies. Someone leaves a note. “Where are the cookies? I loved them. Please, please bake some cookies.”

Week Six- There are no cookies. Ten people leave notes. “I miss your cookies. They were my favorites. I loved the chocolate chips. My friend really liked the way you had almonds in the cranberry ones.”

Week Seven- Motivated by the wonderful notes, the baking coworker stays up late to bake the best batch of cookies they have ever made. That week, a hundred people take a cookie. No one leaves a note. 

The co-worker gives up baking for their colleagues.


Please, if you like the fan fiction that you are reading, let your authors know. Stories are abandoned for a myriad of reasons, but it is very, very hard to stay motivated when you receive no positive feedback. If there is a story that you like, whether it is a completed one or a work in progress, please leave an up-lifting comment or review. By doing so, you’re providing that writer with motivation to spend their time and energy creating more stories for you.

And that way, you both win!

Oh man I have such strong feels about this. I used to write on message boards where people would leave really long, detailed reviews every time you posted a chapter. I SUPER MISS THAT.

Despite the taboo on tumblr against adding comments to posts, it is TOTALLY okay to hit reblog and then post every little thing you thought about the chapter in the reblog.


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After seeing Reichenbach, I had to think further on the angel on the river bank in Black named Daniel.  We see him here wearing what appears to be a bear tooth necklace and talking about how nighttime is a “revelation”.

While I’m not saying that guy was the Biblical prophet Daniel, I do think we were supposed to be reminded of that Daniel.  So angel instead of prophet and bear instead of lion, but perhaps an interpreter of dreams and receiver of visions and revelations, none the less.  The prophet Daniel was also taken unwillingly from his home to a foreign land (Babylon) where he was educated and expected to adapt to his situation and live amongst the Babylonians, even serving their king, Nebuchadnezzar.  He did serve Nebuchadnezzar and later Darius, in part by interpreting their dreams, but he never renounced his old faith (which is why he found himself in a lion’s den).  Daniel was saved from the lions by an angel sent from God.  Interesting then, that it was a couple of angels who were following the orders of Heaven who ended up killing Supernatural's Daniel.

Prophet Daniel both interpreted the dreams of the kings, and had his own apocalyptic visions (which included Gabriel and Michael).  The book of Daniel in the Bible is filled with strange dreams as well as occurrences that are supposed to have really happened, like a giant hand appearing out of nowhere to write a prophecy on the walls that only Daniel could read.  It also has an early reference to what some interpret to be the messiah, referred to as the Son of Man.  (The New Testament recalls this reference to compare with Jesus in the book of Revelation.)

So, why did Reichenbach make me think back to Daniel?  Because of the little girl’s dream about her snot turning into a rocket that knocked down the stars to make room for more rockets.  Because, odd though that dream was, it sounds a lot like a modern day version of the kinds of prophetic dreams a lot of Biblical characters had.  Like for instance this one (bolding mine):

Daniel sees a ram with two horns, one longer than the other. The ram charges west, north, and then south. The ram is powerful, none could stand against it. He does what he pleases and becomes great.[Dan. 8:1–4]

Then a goat comes from the west, having a single large horn, crossing the earth without touching the ground. It strikes the ram, breaks its two horns, knocks it down, and tramples him. But at the height of his power, the goat’s horn is broken and in its place, four horns grow toward the four winds of heaven.[Dan. 8:5-8]

One of the horns is small but grows great, like the prince of host. It prospers in everything, throws stars down to the ground and tramples on them, stopping the daily sacrifice, destroying the sanctuary and throwing truth to the ground.[Dan. 8:9-12]

Daniel is also the one who interprets the dream about the statue with clay feet, which I talked about hereJoseph had dreams about stars and the sun and moon bowing to him.  The book of Revelation tells of visions of falling stars.

There are also stories of dreams of a woman urinating so much that it covers all of Asia and of a vine growing from her genitals that grows to cover all of Asia in Herodotus.  Many cultures have historically placed great importance on very strange sounding dreams.  And anyone who’s read Homer knows how much importance was placed on the visions of the oracle.  (The picture of Delphi in the link reminds me a lot of Daniel’s little circle of rocks around his campfire, too.)

These dreams sound really odd, until you understand that they are supposed to be interpreted by someone who has been gifted by God or the gods.

Hannah said that dreams are human things, but that’s not entirely true.  Biblical dreams are often the way God speaks to man, and they often involve angels to help with the interpretation.  Anna, Cas, Zachariah, and Lucifer have all communicated with humans through their dreams.

Cas and Hannah killed Daniel and then were presented with a dream from a little girl that they didn’t understand.  They do not seem to have the gift of interpretation….or as in the case of the tablets, the prophecy was not meant for them.  Is this all symbolic for angels not understanding because they abandoned their true mission and are not “above” humans like most of them seem to think?  Or have they actually killed another interpreter who could have told them important information, like two other angels killed Kevin?

ETA:  I didn’t notice this until neven-ebrez episode review, but Cole ended up in the Astrology/Oracles/Divinations section of the library at the end of Reichenbach:

(This cap from Home of the Nutty, though I cropped and lightened it for easier reading)

He asked the librarian for information on demons, though, so he may very well end up looking right past important information, too.



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